LIFE~ Live Intensely Feeling Everything



Young man, take your hat off at the table!

Young man, tuck in your shirt!

Young man, eat with your knife and fork!

Young man, clean up your room!

Young man, leave your shoes at the door!

Young man, do your homework!

Young man, do not speed, smoke or drink!

Young man, make sure you are back by curfew!


Welcome to responsibility!


As you stumble, trip, fall, run or walk through your teenage years you will be faced with all sorts of GROWING UP moments and pains. Mum and Dad will be on your back to do well in school, to keep your room clean and your hair cut! Your siblings will test you because that is their job! And life will most certainly ‘SUCK’ because you did not get your own way!

There will be days where you run out the door with no common sense or thought and so you could run into some tricky moments and or trouble, this is called LIFE EXPERIENCE and it is HOW you handle it which is the difference! Some days you will be in the ‘zone’ and other days you wonder why you got out of bed at all!

Know that life is not going to be easy and what you do with your thoughts, can either steer you in the right direction or leave you carrying your feet and troubles onto the wrong path which will mould you into someone that you may not really want to be. Fight to be the best you can be. No one can do it for you!  I do not mean punching; I mean, do not give up, give in or quit. Just try another path!

It may be a guy thing to ‘fight’, but know most importantly, it is a ‘guy thing’ to also walk away.  Mental Toughness is not about being tougher in the physical sense. Mental Toughness helps you understand what makes you tick and builds you to be emotionally stronger. Nothing bothers you; you can walk away and believe the moment has now past. Mental Toughness is becoming responsible for your ‘SELF’ and knowing the negative choices that you make have consequences and that the right choices allows freedom of the mind, as there are no worries when all is going well in LIFE!

Mental Toughness is about having an open mind with no judgement. 

Judgement is fear based, doubts are fear based and if you squash them both and go with TRUST, it will open up a whole new life for you. An open mind will give you the courage to go after what you want, cause that's what guys do,

it's a guy thing!'