LIFE~ Live Intensely Feeling Everything

Bachelor of Social Science ~ Sports & Performance

Diploma in Life Coaching

'Mental Toughness has to be one of the most sought after programs with elite sports people. To perform their best on the day, their preparation must be 100% focussed on what they need to do to get to their Ideal Performance State as stated by James E Loehr, a premier Sports Psychologist from America. Elite athletes need to dis-arm all distractions, make sacrifices and have a strong sense of SELF to be able to self-evaluate daily.'

Here's my story!

In 1997, I was 27 years old and in a horrible head space and attempting to take my life more than once. I was angry, confused, scared and in a lot of pain; physically, emotionally and spiritually. I went to our family doctor of 18 years,  Dr Owen Roberts and asked for his help. Telling Owen was a precious experience for me as I realised he too now carried my pain. He understood and his words were more powerful than a pill. I then became involved with Lifeforce, Here for Life, Suicide Prevention Australia and Speranza - (Suicide prevention education and research, New Zealand/Australia, the word also means HOPE in Italian). 

In 1990, I had hurt my back whilst working at the Port Douglas Sheraton Mirage and later again in 1997 and it was much more serious. Feeling out of control, unstable and disconnected from who I really was, I tried to take more life more than once. I was not depressed. I simply lost my human spirit and had no idea how to cope. I lost my voice, my 'Sense of SELF'.  I lost me! 

For the next two years I  sabotaged my life with drug fuelled nights, alcohol, associating with unlawful people and it was one morning when I realised that my life will never be the same as the life I had had and this was not the way to go about it. I was not valuing my life and I was creating and CHOOSING to feel like this. That was the hardest to digest. My fear was if I let go of my past, what could I hang onto for the future. Today, I hold onto my 'SELF'. What does that mean? It means over the last 15 years I had to keep telling myself that I was OK. I love myself and I will be OK. I read Marianne Williamson's poem A Return to Love and I did not believe a word of it, but I kept doing it and I believe it now! I love my new life now! I have created a new me and without knowing it at the time, I lived Mental Toughness and this is how jaegerbomb iNC was born. This program is what I used to get me out of the spiders web that I had spun to protect me from more pain. 

Through this journey I realised that we were not taught coping mechanisms at school and I had no idea where to start as I knew I was not suffering from DEPRESSION, I just could not cope! I was a former NSW STATE Softballer and 3 times National Titles Australian Champion. I was a Parramatta Eels and North Sydney Bears Cheerleader for 5 years. I lived on the Great Barrier Reef for 5 years and skydived for fun! My life was amazing until my back decided to collapse! 

'Try sitting me down for one day and that is OK, but laying on the floor for weeks and not being able to dance, work or play ball anymore, crushed me!' 

Over time with lots of  DIVA tantrums, I learn't not to be the victim. I learn't to hold onto what I had and needed and to let go of what was toxic. I learn't to stop pleasing people and I learn't to become SELFISH so I could begin my journey of healing, learning, growing and evolving. I am nothing like the old BEC, however, my spirit lives and breathes to a different beat now. I have dis-armed all distractions, toxic people, toxic thoughts and toxic feelings. I have a greater sense of 'SELF.' I live with Mental Toughness everyday to get me to where I am going and you can too!

My best advice to you-


Do not expect anything


You are not owed anything


Fight for what you want






'it is none of my business what you think of me'