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The Dream Team 


Throughout sporting history we have heard about the ‘Dream Team'.

The 'Dream Team' has been acknowledged for their talent, ability, and connectedness.  Over the years, months and days they developed TRUST through personal experiences, training and playing together and there is no greater feeling when you know there is TRUST.

 I believe that it is not only professional’s who can create a ‘DREAM TEAM'. It can be you and I who also create our own ‘DREAM TEAM'. You can start to build a 'DREAM TEAM' of mates who will love you for who you are, support you, believe in you, value you and will ‘have your back’ in any situation. 

Your 'DREAM TEAM' will not judge you, they will encourage you and they can be your wingman at anytime!


TRUST creates a greater force, which cannot be broken. It will not happen over night, so be patient with who you want in your life. Understand that people will come and go and you have to ask yourself ‘what did I learn from them or the experience knowing them'. Learn how to forgive, it is the greatest feeling to know. It is 'ROME' building!

 The ‘DREAM TEAM’ has no fear of challenges, set backs or negative behaviour, they simply dis-arm it. The 'DREAM TEAM' are the mates who lift you up when down, who create a FUN healthy world with you and who can be there for you with your first heartbreak, so hang onto these guys, they are your 'DREAM TEAM!'